First Commit

Restarting my career, and going for computer engineering.

Switched it up to Jekyll and I needed a changeup and something that’s still managable and beautiful. Luckily, this is a great combo and keeps me in my favorite editor, Sublime Text. What should you expect for me?


I found a great theme by this guy to help shape up the site and add some flexibility without complications. The best part about the theme is that I can understand the code the first time I read it! Props to @hmfaysal.

What to look forward to from me

Hopefully some helpful lessons that I learned the hard way and some random musings from retro games (thanks libRetro). I’m attending The Iron Yard in Durham, NC right now learning Ruby on Rails, with some peppering of HTML, CSS, SQL, and Javascript. Afterwards, I’ll continue learning and writing guides and contributing to open source projects.

Why should you care?

You don’t need to, but I really appreciate others’ blogs and random guides. I want to contribute back! This site is where I’ll do that.


I came from Wordpress, the nasty world of PHP and semicolons. I toyed around with themes and plugins, but I always kinda thought it was overkill for what I wanted. Yes, it was practice; no, it was not practical for my environment.

Google+, Twitter, Facebook

I quit Facebook. Not useful. Maybe it was my fault, but I felt like it became junk and didn’t enhance my relationships with people.

Google+ is nice, but it’s not curating the feed to interesting things quite yet. I like the communities and browsing experience though. I’m there, but don’t contribute much on Google+. If that’s your flavor, hit me up at +DavidBernheisel

Twitter is “it” right now and really has the flexibility, ease-of-use, and most importantly: content. Hit me up at @bernheisel.

Image source: The Iron Yard blog