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curently does not work since Amazon API key expired

Major functions:

  • Users can set price thresholds on products and get notified when those products hit the threshold.
  • Built on Rails 5 (API backend) and AngularJS 1.4 (Frontend)
  • OAuth with Amazon Login
  • Completely custom; no Ruby gems, CSS frameworks, or third-party Angular libaries.
  • Background cron job to manage price updates
  • Email notifications through Mailgun
  • Consumes and normalizes Amazon Product Advertising API.

Command Line Utilities (fun)


eBook Tools

The eBook market is a bit of a technological mixture and mess. As a budding developer, I saw some opportunities to learn, get my hands dirty, and help fill vacuums that my teams needed while I was at Ingram Content Group and VitalSource Technologies. Unfortunately, not all of these projects are not open-source.

Contextual EPUB Checker

EPUBCheck can only go so far–older versions only checked for strict validity, not whether the eBook will render correctly on the intended eReader. I recognized some patterns and incorporated Kindlegen into a checking suite that gave more insights to the publishers on possible gaps. The tools also eliminated some of the common problem with ePub packaging and manifest issues.