Ecto In Production

Education platform for Elixir and Ecto users. Guides and recipes for the common developer for Elixir apps using Ecto in production.

Ecto in Production


Major functions:

  • Parse an Elixir DateTime, NaiveDateTime, Date, or Time from a string
  • Tokenizes found parts of the datetime through binary matching
  • Supports major ISO formats
  • Supports arbitrary formats, eg "Saturday, Jan-34-04"
DateTimeParser sample usage screenshot

Elixir Stream

Major functions:

  • LiveView-powered HTTP Sink. Echo out to screen HTTP requests to a specified URL
  • LiveView-powered Regex visualizer.
    • See the raw result and the visualized result
    • You can permalink regexes to share with others
    • Cheatsheet and recipes
  • LiveView-powered Generater differ.
    • Stream the git diff between different versions or different flags provided to generators
    • If the diff isn't already calculated, then queue the diff in a worker queue
    • When working the diff, stream the console output to the user waiting for the diff
Elixir Utilities sample screenshot

NewTab Notes - Chrome Extension

Major functions:

  • Replace the Chrome New Tab with a markdown page.
  • Customize the look of what's rendered.
  • Built with VueJS and Tailwind CSS
  • Built purely for my own use.
NewTab Notes sample screenshot